Timiun Online Shop: First Ever Online Shop With Drone Package Delivery and Upxit Crypto Referral and Payment Method

Here is Timiun, not just the best online shop in Africa, but an innovative experience at its peak with drone delivery and offers 1 Upxit coin per referral.
Free Upxit coin Timiun
Timiun Online Shop (Upxit Coin)
Timiun allows you to shop for products at a 99% discount off the actual product price. Timiun uses its sale algorithms to make it happen, thereby increasing sales and access to products for everyone.
We shall give in detail all that is needed to be known about Timiun Online Shop and why you need to get started with Timiun Online Shop today.

Do ensure to navigate to areas that interest you using the table of content provided below.

    Why Timiun?

    Earn Upxit coin free Timiun
    Earn Upxit coin free Timiun
    Earn Upxit coin free Timiun
    Timiun online shop
    Earn Upxit coin free Timiun
    Time online shopping store
    Conventional E-commerce seems boring and unattractive to most persons (The Youths especially). They seek a better means to shop online that is customized to fit their lifestyle. Timiun is aimed at giving nothing but the best online shopping experience ever to those (Youths) that makes it happen.

    Timiun Sales Strategies

    Key strategic note that makes Timiun stand out includes...
    1. Time Market
    2. Emporium
    3. Special offers
    • Timiun Time Market
    A gamified part of Timiun that allows you to purchase products placed on a timer at a 99% discount. Isn't this amazing? Sure it is!
    1. Mobile Phones
    2. Movie Tickets
    3. Foods
    4. Air Tickets
    5. Hotel Bookings
    6. Real Estate
    7. Cars
    • Special Offers
    Products are placed randomly with huge discounts (up to 80%). This is strategically to promote sales for merchants while attracting buyers at the same time.
    Timiun is doing well
    • Emporium
    How come we know just what you may like?
    We display products that interest you through our sales algorithm with fast delivery.
    Timiun isn't here for a joke

    Currencies Accepted On Timiun Are:

    1. Naira (NGN)
    2. UPXIT coin (UXT)
    Timiun making shopping 🛒 easy and fun! You can boldly and comfortably shop products on Timiun with Naira and UPXIT COIN. Isn't that amazingly amazing?
    Timiun dey for you always

    Why Using Upxit Coin Payment Method?

    Facts show that crypto is taking the lead when it comes to performing transactions or otherwise, and having the future at heart, due to the increase in cryptocurrency, Timiun made it so easy for you and me to shop on the Timiun app using the upxit coin. To spice things up, the Upxit coin appreciates in value. 
    Watch out! We no dey play here

    What Is Upxit Coin?

    Upxit coin is a Cryptocurrency that can be traded, exchanged, and used for online transactions.

    How To Earn Upxit Coin On Timiun

    There isn't definitely no flame without a fire. Timiun online shop is set to rewarding everyone who introduces a friend, relative, or enemy to download the Timiun Online Shopping App with 1 Upxit coin of which the upxit coin could be used for online purchase or sold for real cash just at its current price worth in the market.

    Refer your friends and family to download the app, sign up, and you both will earn free UPXIT coins.

    How To Get Upxit Coin For Free On Timiun Online Shop

    Timiun apk download upxit
    Timiun PlayStore download

    How To Accumulate Upxit Coin

    Earn Upxit coin free Timiun
    Timiun Online Shop (Upxit Coin)
    The more you refer the more Upxit coin you accumulate and of which you know Upxit coin appreciates 🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑. 
    You get 1 Upxit coin per referral 🔥 

    Uses Of Upxit Coin On Timiun

    • You can shop with it 100% on Timiun
    • It can be transferred from one account to another
    • You can store Upxit coin In your Timiun wallet
    • It can be earned for free by referring your friends & family
    • Can be transferred to another
    Upxit coin appreciates in Value. 
    Example: Let’s say you bought 1 Upxit coin for N50, the value can grow up to N1,000 for 1 Upxit Coin, you can resell it at N1,000 or use it to Purchase product worth the current value than you bought it initially. 
    It’s advisable you buy Upxit Coin in bulk and store in your wallet.

    How Much Is 1 Upxit Coin

    1 upxit coin is worth N50 and of which as time goes on appreciates.

    How We Intend To Deliver Products

    Timiun onlin shop delivery
    Timiun delivery
    1. Logistics
    2. Delivery bikes
    3. TimiunCopter
    Placing orders is just so easy, but getting your placed orders delivered on time and safe is another.
    through logistics, delivery bikes, and also Timiuncopter, getting your orders delivered on time and safe is our very own priority at heart.

    About Timiuncopter/Introduction

    Free Upxit coin Timiun
    Timiuncopter (Upxit Coin)
    TimiunCopter is a service that delivers packages up to five pounds in 30 minutes or less using small drones Nation Wide.


    1st Of Its Kind ( Time Market)

    The only timiun runs the time market and it’s the first of its kind in Africa.
    Another one (lol 😂)


    Timiun sales strategy can be used to sell anything in this world. Ranging from e-commerce products, real estate, cars, movie tickets, food, and all you can ever think of. Considering the flexibility of Timiun, I bet we are set for the game already.

    Ease Of Use

    Timiun offers you multiple shopping options. You can either shop on-time market, special offers, and emporium which happens to be the perfect option for everyone.

    Timiun is currently taking in applications for those who are interested in representing the brand in their respective schools and of which, you can become a Timiun Campus Ambassador today. 

    Your Role As A Campus Ambassador

    As a Timiun campus Ambassador, what is my role?
    • represent timiun on your campus
    • introduce timiun to your friends, family, and course mates.
    • increase timiun brand awareness on campus.

    What’s In For You?

    As a Timiun campus, what is in for me?
    • quotable work experience
    • consistent income
    • monthly data & airtime allowance
    • branded items and rewards
    • learn the ropes of brands, sales, and marketing in the e-commerce industry.
    Interested and wish to know more about Timiun Online Shop today?

    Follow Timiun Today

    Join Timiun On Telegram
    • Follow us on all SOCIAL MEDIA platforms @TIMIUNSHOP (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), etc.

    Best Ambassador Of The Week Celebration

    Introducing best Timiun Ambassador of the week celebration. This will be based on performance and activities every Friday of the week.

    Introducing Timiun Hub

    You can attract a timiun hub to your campus through your campus active participation.

    Features of TIMIUN HUB

    • free wifi 24/7
    • free teas and snacks daily
    After having to give a full review of Timiun Online Shop, here is the best opportunity to shop online with over 90% off and earn 1 Upxit coin as you refer a friend to download and install Timiun using your referral code provided.

    How To Become A Timiun Campus Ambassador

    All those interested to be a Timiun campus Ambassador in their respective institution can simply apply here.

    How To Become A Marchant On Timiun Online Shop

    Merchants at the moment can contact Timiun support directly via mail at [email protected]


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