2 new leaked maps and 2 SMGs leaked in coming CoD: Mobile season 13 update

As the end of season 12 draws closer, we have got some teasing new maps of the season 13 and SMGs weapons which is to be released this December. However, there isn't a stated date for the release of the COD Mobile Season 13 update, but one thing is sure, it is to be released this month December.

CoD: Mobile season 13 teaser
CoD: Mobile season 13 teaser

The two new maps leaked in the coming COD Season 13 update, includes the long gone Christmas-themed Raid map, which after the season two era was caught short. Good thing is that, it is coming back this new season 13 update. Furthermore, we have got an unknown map teased which happens not to resemble any map from the Call of Duty franchise. Players and reviewers suspects the second map to be an exclusive map update for CoD: Mobile.

Jumping forward to Activision revealed new weapons to expect in the season 13 update, we have got two new weapons expected to come Onboard to the game in the new season 13 update. Only the pictorial representation of these two new weapons update were revealed with Activision requesting fans to take a guess what weapon that could be.

With the silhouette of the two weapons, the first weapon to be added in the season 13 Arsenal, looks more like the Peacekeeper from Black Ops 2. It was further researched that the peacekeeper is an automatic sub-machine gun with a longer range compared to other SMGs, but however has a reduced damage.

Lastly, the second weapon happens to appear like the MP7. This SMG was found to be a more common weapon in the Call of Duty franchise and has been featured in several games, talking of the Modern Warfare and Black Ops series. Was also noted it could possibly be coming to COD Mobile as well this new anticipated season 13 update to be released this month December.

Furthermore, we are sure to return more information about these newly added awesome weapons to our esteemed visitors and viewers immediately Activision drops the public beta test build for season 13 of CoD Mobile. This would aid CoD beta testers to confirm the anticipated new season features first before it is been put to the public, in other to fix encountered bugs and issues before an official global release of the new season 13 update.

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