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MTN Beep: MTN introduces flash call with zero airtime

This is a very good improvement from MTN Nigeria we must say, as you can now make a quick flash call to friends and family members with zero airtime balance right from your MTN line. MTN flash call is same thing with MTN beep just incase you might be wondering, so don't be confused if you keep on seeing more of MTN beep.
Mtn Nigeria introduces flash calls
MTN introduces Flash Call

    It call for times when we are in a tight corner or area where there is no quick place to purchase airtime, and you are obviously out of airtime to make urgent and quick calls. With the introduction of MTN Beep, you can freely send an immediate flash call to the contact or individual without having any airtime on the MTN line.

    This is most likely to work for you if you have got majority of friends and family members who takes flashing seriously. If otherwise, the goal wouldn't be achieved, as the contact your Beeped wouldn't have a time to give you a call back.

    How does MTN Beep or MTN flash Call work?

    MTN flash call
    MTN beep flash call
    MTN flash call works 100% and only when you have zero airtime and balance or bonus.

    How To Use MTN Beep Service

    All mtn customers is eligible for the MTN Beep awesome service, and the only way the MTN Flash Calls would work for you is only if your account balance is zero.

    Is MTN Beep Sim selective?

    MTN flash call is not sim selective, so everyone on the mtn network is automatically eligible to use the MTN beep service. Just what you will do is to have a zero account balance to be eligible for this service.

    Does MTN Flash Call work on all networks?

    MTN flash call all networks
    MTN Flash Call
    From MTN Beep sms, it was stated that it works on all networks, here is the sms
    Yello! You can now make a FLASH CALL with low or zero balance to your friends and family on ALL NETWORKS to call you right back.
    However, after our check on Airtel network it's in no doubt sad that the answer is NO! MTN Beep works only on MTN sim service, so if you are an MTN user and you wish to flash call a Glo, Airtel or 9mobile, we are sorry to let you know that the mtn flash call service will not work. In conclusion, you can only flash call or use MTN beep service with another MTN line.

    Does MTN Beep work on all Tariff Plan?

    MTN beep works all Tariff plan, whether it's Betatalk, YafunYafun, Mpulse, iPulse etc, MTN flash calls will work.

    Here is a regular message sent to all customers in regards to the new MTN Beep Service.
    Make FLASH CALLS to your friends and loved ones TODAY with low or zero balance and they will call you right back.

    Here is another message you will receive on every successful MTN flash Calls.

    MTN BEEP: You have successfully dropped a flash call on 23470194**** @21:29

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