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Dropping whatsapp no more an option after forcing users to accept to new terms of service or lose access

Following the latest prompted terms and conditions issued by whatsapp as at Wednesday, users will lose access to WhatsApp after 8 Feb, unless the new terms and conditions on whatsapp is accepted by the user. 
Drop Whatsapp, use signal and telegram
Whatsapp new terms of service - Use telegram or signal
Accepting the new whatsapp terms and conditions will allow sharing of your personal data, location, phone number, iP and other informations to Facebook database.

The new terms and services issued by whatsapp is aimed at forcing users to share personal data which includes phone numbers and location, with its parent company Facebook.

It was suggested by top CEO's (Elon Musk - Latest world richest man in the world after overtaking Jeff Bezos), stressing out that users alternatively move to a more encrypted messaging apps like Signal and Telegram for privacy sake.
Also remember that anonymous had earlier advised users to drop Whatsapp and use signal - Drop Whatsapp and Use Signal, Protect Your Privacy - Anonymous Warns
The change was to allow businesses to store WhatsApp chats using Facebook infrastructure.–—WhatsApp spokesperson—–

WhatsApp, the said encrypted messaging app that portrait itself as a privacy-focused service, will start luring users to share personal data informations with Facebook, its parent company.

WhatsApp said users will have to agree to let Facebook and its subsidiaries collect WhatsApp data, including user phone numbers, contacts' phone numbers, location, and more. This was stressed out in an announcement sent out to users on Wednesday 6th Jan 2021.

The action initiated by whatsapp new terms of service prompted no second thought, rather for users to delete their WhatsApp accounts and switch to smaller encrypted messaging apps such Signal and Telegram.

Tesla billionaire Elon Musk was among those who recommended users switch services, simply tweeting: "use Signal."
If your privacy matters to you, then fo get ready to switch of the Signal or Telegram asap.
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