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Glo YouTube night plan psiphon pro settings to power all apps 2021

Glo introducing its YouTube plan subscription bundle for as low as N50 (5 hours streaming) is quite impressive and applauded by millions of its subscribers.

Glo YouTube night Psiphon
Psiphon Glo youtube night configuration settings

The latest glo YouTube settings for psiphon pro VPN to power all apps is working flawlessly and super fast. The glo youtube night Subscription bundle plan was recently launched and here we are to unveil the latest loophole of the Glo YouTube Subscription plan which lets your surf the internet and powers all Android application using the YouTube Subscription plan meant to be strictly used for YouTube website or app only.

    The latest Browsing cheat happens to be Glo YouTube night cheat which is the cheapest and lasting YouTube plan out there.

    This glo youtube social plan psiphon configuration settings will help to power all apps and browse on all sites when you subscribe to the 3GB for N100 or  glo N50 youtube night plan for 1.5GB.

    Without wanting to waste much of your time, lets quickly guide you through the steps to power all applications using glo latest YouTube night subscription bundle N50 for 5 hours streaming capped at (1500mb 1.5gb), doing it twice gives you 3gb for N100.

    Things needed to activate latest Glo YouTube Plan Cheat 2021

    Here is how to subscribe to Glo YouTube plan and activate it to power all apps using Psiphon apk.

    Glo YouTube Night Settings For Psiphon PRO VPN To Power All Apps

    First of all, you will have to subscribe to Glo YouTube night plan here, before you can enjoy the glo YouTube night Psiphon cheat.

    Note that, the glo YouTube Subscription plan is for night use as default, but with the loophole/glitch, you will be able to enjoy the plan all day and anytime using Psiphon vpn apk.

    This glo YouTube night plan is not a free browsing cheat, rather it is paid for and can be tweaked to be used in the day instead of just night use.

    1. Download and install the Psiphon tunnel VPN apk here or GooglePlay.
    2. After successful download and install, simply open Psiphon tunneling vpn and configure with settings below.

    • Go to settings option in the Psiphon tunneling vpn apk app and choose either USA or Netherlands servers.
    • Save and go back to enable glo data connection, once enabled, tap on the connect button and wait patiently for it to be connected. 

    Once Psiphon pro VPN connection is successfully initiated, you will be able to browse and download with the Glo YouTube Subscription plan anytime and any day and will power all applications on your android. We currently don't know if there is a Psiphon iPhone vpn at the moment, and of which is a set back for iOS users.

    Glo Psiphon YouTube Night Subscription bundle Summary and Notes

    1. Glo YouTube Subscription N50 is capped at (1.5gb)
    2. Glo YouTube night bundle N50 for 5 hours YouTube streaming can be accumulated unlimited
    3. Glo n50 is valid for 5 hours and after which can be renewed
    4. Glo YouTube night Psiphon configuration settings powers all Android applications (day and night), and opens all website.
    5. Psiphon vpn tunneling apk is available for Android and not iPhone (ios)

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    1. So the #50 plan will just last for 5 hours?

      1. Yes please... Once expired, you can renew the Time-Based plan again!

    2. seems glo has changed it , it's now 130 naira instead of 50 naira for 5hours

      1. Thank you for feed back... Will check it out and revert back to you!

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