Type faster with honeycomb design on your iphone by installing "Typewise" Keyboard

Typewise custom keyboard
Typewise custom keyboard
Thinking of when you'd be able to switch over from the default boring keyboard on your iphone to a better one? Good thing to let you know that, Typewise is introducing a different approach. The Swiss startup is today launching version 3.0 of its app, with an all-new amazing autocorrection technology.

    According to the developer review, Typewise 3.0 helps to further speed up smartphone typing with the support of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, enhancing its exacting autocorrect abilities, language detection, and full data privacy with a 100% offline mode.

    While using Typewise, you can enjoy its honeycomb-style keyboard layout, designed strategically for smartphones. The developer says conventional keyboards result in around 1 in 5 words having a typo. The app is said to  reduce typos by 4x and results in 33% faster typing speeds. Cool right?

    One of the enticing features of the Typewise app is the ability to automatically detect the language that the user is currently typing and switch to that language, preventing any incorrect words from entering the user’s work. The recognition software recognizes and assists users when they type in a dialect or use colloquialisms in over 40 languages.

    Summary Review:

    For newbies, Typewise would be seen as too difficult to use. But certainly with time, you discover it has cool useful tweaks and you can learn all of them in a gaming tutorial right inside the app.

    Typewise Pro version features:

    Typewise custom keyboard
    Typewise custom keyboard
    • Text replacements: create shortcuts for long words and phrases
    • Vibration: turn on key vibration upon key press
    • Tablet mode: always show the keyboard in landscape mode
    • Font size: adjust font size of your keyboard characters
    Typewise PRO costs $1.99/month, $9.49/annually, or you can buy it forever for $24.99. You can find the app on the App Store below.

    Typewise custom keyboard app details

    App name Typewise custom keyboard
    Size 65
    Price Free/Pro
    Compatibility iOS
    Download App Store

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