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How To Deposit Naira and Buy Crypto in Nigeria on Flitaa

Deposit naira to buy crypto in Nigeria on flitaa
Cash deposit to buy cryptocurrency in Nigeria
The stress and worries are all over when it comes to having to buy cryptocurrency in Nigeria as flitaa is the ultimate solution to resolving the barriers of depositing naira, and buying cryptocurrencies in Nigeria.

    So, if you cannot learn cryptocurrency or earn from it as others do. If this is what goes through your mind, then there is absolutely nothing wrong with you. You are not dumb and it doesn't make you less of a person than those who earn from cryptocurrency.

    In this article, I will be guiding you through on step by step guide to deposit naira and buy crypto (ETH, BTC, LTC, BCH) in Nigeria on flitaa.

    Why use a flitaa wallet?

    • Buy crypto as low as $1
    • Deposit NGN as low as NGN1000
    • Zero deposit charge fee
    • Zero withdrawal charge fee
    • Lowest buy rate
    • The lowest send charge fee
    • The lowest sell charge fee
    • Earn 0.5% of all transactions your referral does on the platform for life
    • Buy crypto without debit card in nigeria
    Here is just a way to make crypto newbies feel happy while using the platform and understand the basics of cryptocurrency (Deposit, Buy, Sell, Swap, Earn and learn Crypto in Nigeria on flitaa).

    How To Deposit Naira On flitaa

    As aforementioned, we shall be guiding you through the easiest and fastest means of depositing naira and buying crypto in Nigeria directly on
    Don't forget, flitaa has the best rates in Nigeria and it is the fastest means of hodling any favorite coin of your choice.

    Without further ado, let's get started on how to deposit naira and buy crypto in Nigeria when you use flitaa wallet...

    Before we get started, here is how to register on flitaa...

    Kindly follow steps below to get started

    How To Register/Sign up on flitaa

    • Visit to register on flitaa
    • Fill in the required fields (First Name, Last Name, Email, Password, and Phone Number)
    • Now hit the continue button. Img Guide ---
      Buy crypto in Nigeria on flitaa
      Buy crypto in Nigeria on flitaa
    • Verify email. ( You will receive a 4 digit code sent to the just registered email) Img Guide ---
      Verify flitaa email
      Verify flitaa email
    Congratulations! You have successfully signed up to flitaa. You should receive a mail with details below:
    Buy crypto in Nigeria on flitaa
    Flitaa account registered

    Hi (Name),
    We are elated to become part of your cryptocurrency journey at this time. It is so good of you to join the simplest wallet where you can buy, sell, swap, and earn cryptocurrency.
    Our support team is one click away should you need any help as you journey through #SatoshiLand.

    How To Verify Your Flitaa Account To Increase Transaction Limits

    Flitaa wallet account verification has three steps, which includes,
    • Phone Number (1st verification)
    • Account Details (2nd verification)
    • Valid means of identification (Drivers License, National ID Card (NIN), or International Passport) (3rd verification).
    To verify your flitaa account simply go to your dashboard, tap on the profile icon, and tap on " Increase Limits ".
    Follow the verification process accordingly until you get a notification as shown in the image below -
    Flitaa Account verification successful
    Account verification successful (LVL 3)

    How To Deposit Naira and Buy Crypto in Nigeria on Flitaa

    After successful account verification up to LVL 2, you can now deposit Naira and buy crypto on flitaa.
    Follow the steps below accordingly;
    • Tap on the Deposit Icon
      Buy crypto in Nigeria on flitaa
      Deposit naira to buy crypto in Nigeria
    • Tap on the cash deposit - [NGN]
      Buy crypto in Nigeria
      Cash deposit to buy cryptocurrency in Nigeria
    • How do you want to deposit? Select amount Min: ₦1000 Max: ₦1,000,000
    • Input preferred amount and hit the Continue button
    • Now select a verified online flitaa merchant from the list to make your deposit.
      Buy crypto in Nigeria
      Deposit naira to buy crypto in Nigeria on flitaa
      Deposit naira to buy crypto in Nigeria on flitaa
      Pay this merchant flitaa
    • Hit the "Pay this merchant", and send the exact amount to the account details provided in the new tab.
      Deposit successful and approved
      Deposit successful
    Note: Do not enter any crypto-related terms (Bitcoin, flitaa, BTC, coin deposit e.t.c) in your payment reference for a successful transaction and to avoid getting banned...
    • Once payment is successful, kindly wait for a max of 5mins to 10mins for it to be approved.
    If after 30mins and it isn't yet approved, kindly hit on the appeal button to chat with a customer rep instantly.

    Refresh dashboard for deposit to reflect:

    Deposit successful to buy crypto
    NGN Deposit successful to buy crypto

    How To Buy Crypto In Nigeria After Depositing Naira On Flitaa Wallet

    After successfully depositing the preferred amount into your flitaa wallet all you have to do is simply 

    • Go to the account dashboard
    • Select from available wallets (ETH, BTC, LTC, and BCH)
    • Now tap on the BUY button below 
      Buy crypto as low as NGN 500
      Buy crypto as low as NGN 500
    • Tap on the arrow down icon and choose NGN
    • Now tap on the confirm buy button to purchase.
      Deposit naira to buy crypto in Nigeria
      Deposit naira to buy crypto in Nigeria on flitaa
    Congratulations you have successfully deposited Naira and purchased cryptocurrency in Nigeria directly on the flitaa wallet.
    Deposit naira to buy crypto in Nigeria on flitaa
    Eth purchased successfully

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