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How To Convert Corel Draw Design To Picture In 2021 [ .CDR to .JPG Format]

Convert cdr to jpg
Convert Corel draw work cdr to jpg
In today's article we will be guiding your through on a step by step image guide on How To Convert Corel Draw Design To Picture in just 2 minutes. So if you are here for the purpose to learn or through Google search results on How To Convert Corel Draw Design To Picture, convert corel draw work to image, convert cdr file to jpg, or how to convert a cdr file, then you are obviously in the right article to know How To Convert your Corel Draw Design or work To Picture.

There have been lots of cool graphics design job you might have done on corel draw, and you have the thought of getting crd work exported or extracted as image (jpg), but obviously you have no idea of how it works or doubting if it is possible to covert your corel draw design or work to image format JPG, so worry no more. This guide is quite easy and understanding as we took out time to get this steps guide one after the other.

    Most of the corel draw design jobs are likely to be used as website banners, computer wallpaper, Twitter header, Facebook header, business card printing and the likes, but you just don't know how to convert the cdr work to image format which is in jpg extension format. Funny enough, you go extra miles to print the cdr design work just to get it scanned and converted to jpg format, not knowing the quality will never be the same.

    That should definitely be story of the past as this guides you through the steps to convert your cdr work to jpg instantly and directly from the corel draw software, no external application needed to archive this.

    If you are to be reading this, then you are lucky enough to get this vital information for free on At the end of this article, you will be sure to know how to convert cdr  file extension or work to picture format (jpg) with this simple 7 steps provided below.

    Benefits Of Converting CDR to JPG... 

    There are reasons why converting your corel draw work from cdr to jpg and here are few important reasons noted.
    1. Better quality in appearance than when it is been printed and scanned 
    2. Converted cdr work to picture format can be edited
    3. Can also be resized 
    4. Can be compressed
    5. Edited directly to photoshop from the corel draw app etc...

    How To Convert Any Corel Draw Files or Work To Picture, Image or Photo Format In 2021

    Before having to start the conversion of the cdr to jpg, you should be sure to already have the corel draw installed on your PC or computer.

    • Open Corel Draw
    • Locate file you wish to be converted from cdr to jpg (if you are already on the work then proceed to next step)
    Convert cdr to jpg
    Convert cdr to jpg
    • Press Ctrl A to select all worksheet area of the work file.
    • Now tap on Bitmap, just at the top Menu Bar section.
    How To Convert Corel Draw Design To Picture
    How To Convert Corel Draw Design To Picture
    • Tap on convert to Bitmap found on the drop down menu section of the bitmap 
    • Now a dialogue box will pop up, configure it as you wish just if you know what to do or preferably hit the OK option to save as default.l settings.
    Convert cdr to jpg
    How To Convert Corel Draw Design To Picture
    • After clicking on OK, the file will be converted to a Bitmap file. Most times it automatically opens in Corel Photo paint which lets you to do all editing to the converted file using the integrated photo paint feature. If the file doesn't open after conversion, imply tap on bitmap and click on Edit Bitmap to open the converted file in Corel Photo paint inbuilt feature.

    Convert cdr to jpg
    Convert cdr to jpg
    Convert cdr to jpg
    Convert cdr to jpg
    Save as jpg to convert cdr files
    Convert cdr to jpg
    Convert cdr to jpg
    Convert cdr to jpg
    • Finally, when you are done with the whole adjustment and editing of the file in corel draw photo paint, click on save as option to save the work as .jpg or .jpeg.
    That is all you need to know about how to convert cdr files to image, picture or photo format. In addition, there are lots of saving options in bitmap but the recommended one for better picture quality is in .jpg or .jpeg format.
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