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How to fix gbwhatsapp incoming messages delay

A very disturbing and sad experience most gbwhatsapp users go through while trying to become fully anonymous and testing great features of the WhatsApp mod Android application Gbwhatsapp.
Fix gbwhatsapp hide second tick
How to fix gbwhatsapp incoming messages delay: Hide 2 tick

    Droidvilla has had tons of reports and complaints from a good number of Gbwhatsapp users of not receiving incoming messages from contacts early, while outgoing messages are been received immediately they are sent. Funny enough, this has been going on and on, but yet they can't comprehend what is actually happening or what they activated which is the cause.

    As a result of this, most persons might receive a good morning greeting message in the afternoon, while some will receive it in the evening, just because something that is meant to be disabled has been enabled by the user ignorantly.

    However, this is definitely the reason Droidvilla Technology Solution is here to stay. We help in resolving issues known and unknown by getting our hands dirty to figure out how well it could be fixed. The good news is we have got just the right solution to fix all gbwhatsapp incoming messages not coming on time as a result of enabling Hide second tick.
    All we shall do is to tell you what you did wrong and how to fix it. So let's get started already!

    How to disable gbwhatsapp Hide second tick to fix messages not coming on time

    Before we get down to business, do you remember ever Hiding gbwhatsapp 2 tick? Lol, if yes, you got it all wrong.
    So, if you know how to revert that, hurry up, if not, get started with our below guide on how to disable gbwhatsapp hide second tick.
    • Open your gbwhatsapp mod app
    • Tap on the top right three dotted icons
    • Tap on Gbsettings
    • Now locate and open Privacy and security
    • Tap on Contacts (Change Privacy Settings)
    • Now you will see 5 options, untick the second option which is (Hide second tick)
    • Once this is done, simply close your gbwhatsapp and open it again to see all delayed incoming WhatsApp inbox coming through.
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